The new Cows and Thunder EP, ‘Sessions’

Liat Aug 2014 photo. east village

Woodstock, NY folk-rock band Cows and Thunder has released a new EP, ‘Sessions.’

The band hit its stride in the summer of 2014.  After a fun gig at the Woodstock ‘Concert on the Green,’ the group decided to record some new songs and a few unrecorded favorites during two days of live recordings in the living room of the band’s singer-songwriter, Steven Capozzola. The resulting EP, ‘Sessions,’ is a candid snapshot of a peak period for the band.

Recording took place in Saugerties, NY on August 20-21, 2014, and features:

Steven Capozzola: Vocals, acoustic guitar.
David Andersen: Bass.
Josh Tyler: Drums.

Woodstock musician Connor Kennedy makes guest appearances on piano, organ, and electric guitar.  David Andersen recorded, produced, and engineered the EP.  The final album was mastered by Alex Saltz.

CLICK HERE for a free listen/download of the new EP.


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