COWS AND THUNDER Releases New Album, ‘Scenes’


The Woodstock, NY-based band Cows and Thunder has released ‘Scenes,’ an experimental new set of folk-rock recordings.

‘Scenes’ features a number of songs that developed from various group collaborations and jams. The overall album is a deliberate departure from the band’s previous efforts, which were often recorded quickly, during live-in-the-studio sessions. This time, as singer-songwriter Steven Capozzola explains, the group took more time to produce the songs, and to experiment with overlaid guitars, keyboards, and harmonies.

The band recorded 14 songs for the album, but ended up picking the 8 “best,” most cohesive songs. The result is typical Cows and Thunder in that the songs aim for a melodic country-rock style, with sing-along choruses. The added production, however, adds a layer of sheen and vocal flavor reminiscent of 70’s pop and rock.


Click here to listen to a reggae song, “The Tree.”

Click here to listen to a folk-rock tune, “The Monkey Fell.”



  • Songs written and produced by Steven Capozzola.
  • Mandola, mandolin, and slide guitar by Dennis Sharkey.
  • Jamming and collaboration by David Andersen, Robert Ramirez, and Dennis Sharkey.
  • Mastered by Alex Saltz at APS Mastering.
  • Photography by Sigal Mandelker.

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